How your book is shipped FREE...

You want your book to arrive quickly, in great packaging and you don’t want any hassle. 

That’s what we aim for too.

We have a contract with Royal Mail which we use for both domestic and international shipping. In the past we tried various courier services but through trail and error we found that cheapest is not always the best and we find that Royal Mail simply gets the job done in the most reliable and trustworthy way.

When you order a book in the UK we use the 48 hour service so you will usually get your book within 4 days (including our handling time) from the time you place your order, unless it’s a busy season like Christmas when it may take a little longer.

International shipping.

Shipping postage charges to countries outside of the UK vary depending upon country, weight and service requested. The cost will be automatically calculated once you start your order process from the ‘Basket’.

Once your address is in the order form it will tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take to get to you. It’s important to note that some heavy books over 2kg are very expensive to ship to certain countries. The price of smaller books is much lower and in the region of between around £4 to £12.

If you have any questions about international shipping please make contact.

West cove uses Royal mail Delivery

Free Royal Mail Shipping to UK


You don’t want your book turning up damaged, with the corners bent or hanging out of the packaging. It’s nice receiving a well packaged used or new book in the post and customers often comment to us or put in our reviews about how well the book was packaged when it arrived.

With the average sized book we usually wrap it in heavy duty brown craft paper and then put it into a thick poly mailer. We have found this the best way of protecting the cover corners from damage and keeping the book dry, especially as it’s not uncommon for mail to get wet or damp during the delivery process in the UK!

Most of the packaging materials are recyclable, the craft paper is made from recycled paper and the mailers are degradable although recently we have been struggling to get the recyclable poly mailers due to shortages.

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