A Concise Economic History of Britain From 1750 to Recent Times by W. H. B. Court ISBN:


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice older book in great condition. Pages in excellent condition. No notes or highlighting. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> This is Professor Court’s independent sequel to the late Sir John Clapham’s Concise Economic History of Britain Volume I (second impression 1951). Professor Court carries the story of the economic life of Britain from 1750 to the be ginning of the war of 1939. He describes the growth of the first industrial state its days of prosperity and the grimmer features that came with it and lasted longer.The first part: The Growth of an Industrial State has chapters on population agriculture and the land system; the path of innovation in mining and manufacture; transport and overseas trade; investment banking the instability of the economy ; the state and the foreign balance; the social setting and the influence of war.The second part: The Victorian Economy and After describes economic life in the Victorian age to 1880; the vicissitudes of an industrial state; industry and the social order; the origins of the welfare state; Britain as the leader of the world’s economy and the challenge to that leadership between 1880 and 1939.Britain’s life is still deeply affected for good and ill by the processes and events Professor Court describes. His book will help a reader to understand to-day by showing what happened in a past still near to us and in that daily life which we all live.

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Cambridge University Press

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W. H. B. Court


Used – Very Good


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