A Portable Identity: A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining a Sense of Self While Moving Overseas Revised Edition ISBN: 9780976568209


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice book in great condition. Pages in excellent unused condition. Small amount of corner wear. No notes or highlighting. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> To some life as an expatriate spouse compares to a modern-day fairy tale. In exchange for a woman’s willingness to enter expatriate life to support her husband’s career she accepts an adventure to move to a foreign land and gains a comfortable living arrangement. She will likely acquire more wealth more personal time and more help to maintain her house and family needs. It’s easy to see why she would seize such an opportunity. But the fairy-tale image of expatriate life is like a veil. It hides the untold story of women’s lives overseas. It does not begin to describe the reality of a woman’s experience. When a woman leaves her homeland she experiences a loss of the familiar of continuity connection to her surroundings and contact with people who have been central to her life. When she lands on foreign soil she plunges into a new country and culture often very different from her own. She must quickly learn how to navigate in her new surroundings. Overnight she becomes an expatriate spouse the ?wife of” or a ?dependent of? her husband or partner. She must make new friends and carve out a new path for herself. Historically the ways in which an expatriate spouse manages the effect of so much sudden change in her life as well as her feelings about these changes have been her personal struggle. When an expatriate spouse experiences difficulty because of the multitude of changes and losses in her life most believe that something is wrong with her that she’s not adjusting well. The consequences to women and their families have been distressing. According to Nancy J. Adler ?The spouse’s dissatisfaction which often leads to early return is the single most frequently reported reason for failure on a foreign assignment. Nearly half of 300 surveyed companies have brought families home early due to the reported unwillingness or inability of the spouse to adapt. Although adjustment to a foreign culture is necessary for a woman’s successful overseas experience it’s only part of the story. If we continue to focus on the prevailing view that something is wrong with the individual if she experiences problems after moving overseas the more accurate story of what actually occurs to her when she moves overseas remains untold.

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Debra R. Bryson Charise M. Hoge


Used – Very Good


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