Adventura: a Beginner’s Course in Italian by Cooper Paul; Et Al ISBN: 9780563106715


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice older book in great condition. Pages in excellent condition. Pages tanned. Cover slightly discoloured with age. No notes or highlighting-exercises have not been completed. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> Avventura is a new course for beginners in Italian. It consists of twenty-five colour television programmes this book and two LP records. Thebasic ingredients of the course are Le Avventure di Bertoldo Bertolini (atelevision strip-cartoon about a young Italian who daydreams) andthe Avventura story which tells of a young Roman couple Giulia andMario Crespi at a moment of crisis in their private and public lives.The aims of Avventura are to teach you to speak Italian and tounderstand Italians when they speak to you.The television programmes are divided into three parts:First an episode of Le Avventure di Bertoldo Bertolini. The dialogueis presented in speech-bubbles so you have the advantage of seeing thewords at the same time as you hear them.Then a short teaching scene. This is a scene from the Avventurastory specially constructed to illustrate the major teaching points of theprogramme.Together the cartoons and the teaching scene will show you how tospeak a wide range of key Italian sentences.The texts of all the cartoons and teaching scenes can be found in fullon the LP records.The third part is an exercise in comprehension. It’s no good beingable to speak correct Italian if you can’t understand what’s being saidback to you. So the last part of each programme consists of more scenesfrom the Avventura story but here the language spoken is much freerand more complex. You aren’t expected to understand every word; theidea is for you to get the general drift of what’s being said – to ‘com-prehend’. A synopsis of each episode is included in this book.

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Used – Good


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