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About the book >.>.> This book was conceived as a successor to Endurance Fitness (Shephard 1977a). Rather than attempting to prepare a new edition of the earlier work I decided to discuss possible interactions between aerobic fitness and health anew focusing on the developing consensus without obscuring it with dated ideas. Nevertheless I have adopted a similar philosophy to the one that guided the earlier book: presenting current knowledge with a simplicity that should make it accessible to a broad range of health professionals while avoiding the missionary enthusiasm of the fitness fanatic. Most of the ideas I advance have a broad basis of scientific support which is rigorously documented. Where an idea needs further research I have indicated the extent of uncertainty and the reasons I believe more investiga tion is warranted. The book should thus appeal particularly to those who are active in fitness health promotion and sports medicine and who seek an overview of the current situation. The opening chapter facilitates discussion by reviewing the nature and validity of the distinctions that have recently been drawn between physical activity and exercise the classic index of aerobic fitness (maximal oxygen intake or aerobic power) and its apparent synonym (aerobic capacity) and health-related versus performance-related increments of fitness. I then offer a simple model linking physical activity aerobic fitness and health.

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Used – Like New


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