Aethelred the Unready: The Ill-Counselled King by Ann Williams ISBN: 9781852853822


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice book in great condition. Pages in excellent unused condition. No notes or highlighting. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> Like his father Edgar ?thelred ‘the Unready was a younger son. Ever since the royal house of Wessex had begun to extend its authority over all the English it had been as common for brother to succeed brother as for son to succeed father but the circumstances of ?thelred’s suc- cession following the murder of his brother Edward are sufficiently dramatic to have attracted comment both at the time and later. Indeed the events of ?thelred’s reign have been seen as the direct result of its unlucky inception; medieval historians interpreted the Viking assaults as the judgement of God on a sinful nation and their modern counter- parts have discerned an atmosphere of suspicion which destroyed the prestige of the Crown’. It is important therefore to understand exactly how ?thelred came to be king and how this might have affected his reputation both at the time and later. All disputed royal successions (and most were disputed) arose from internal tensions within the royal family itself and the difficulties sur- rounding ?thelred’s succession go back to the marital history of his parents. King Edgar married ?thelred’s mother Queen ?lfthryth in 964.2 Their elder son Edmund who died in 971 attests one of his father’s diplomas in 966 and was probably born earlier in the same year. He is presumably the unnamed ?theling who received a bequest under the will of ?lfgifu drawn up in 966 or soon afterwards; since no other ?theling is mentioned it can be assumed that his younger brother was not yet born.

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Used – Very Good


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