ALLIUMS THE ORNAMENTAL ONIONS by Dilys Davies ISBN: 9780713470307


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice book in great condition. Pages in excellent condition. No notes or highlighting. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> Dedicated Allium buffs can be counted on the hands with a possible toe thrown in. This is a rather odd situation for among the 800-1000 possible species there are many to captivate the botanically unin terested through the sheer floral pleasure they provide. Others pose problems of cul tivation to challenge enthusiasts who revel in the difficulties of growing and growing well the most taxing of high alpines. Fears that Allium appearing on the show benches will waft a malodorous aroma towards the judges are with few excep tions unlikely. The cerebral pleasure to be gained from a study of a complex genus appealed to Professor W.T. Stearn the authority on Allium who has confessed that he became interested in the genus early in his career considering that it would provide sufficient content for a lifetime’s study. One hopes his wealth of knowledge will be gathered together with all the resources that com puters can now bring to scholarship. As matters rest the monograph of Regel compiled in 1875 remains the last com collection of Allium data. Long tiring and expensive searching through any available flora is the only route to botanical information on species. This search is not eased if material is avail able only in Latin or Chinese. In Britain unless one lives within easy reach of London or Edinburgh research is doubly arduous since provincial libraries are not all packed with specialist volumes. S d

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Used – Very Good


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