Among the Russians: From the Baltic to the Caucasus by Colin Thubron ISBN: 9780434779864


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice older book in good condition. Pages in good condition. No notes or highlighting. Ex-library. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> Colin Thubron who established a reputation with such books as Mirror to Damascus and Journey into Cyprus decided that he wanted to travel as freely as possible in Russia and meet and talk with people of all kinds. He learned Russian and entered the Soviet Union in an old Morris Marina in which he camped and drove for almost ten thousand miles between the Baltic and Caucasus. Everywhere he went whether in the cities like Leningrad Moscow Smolensk Kiev and Tbilisi or in the villages in the mountains or steppes or Crimea in the cold north or on the shores of the Black Sea he encountered and listened to people of all ages occupations and interests. He met dissidents and was eventually dogged by the KGB. The result is a fascinating and revealing picture of the many races who inhabit a giant country for it is the human side rather than the political – humans exploiting or enduring a ubiquitous system – that has been captured in this remarkable book.

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Used – Good


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