Amy Emms’ Story of Durham Quilting by Emms Amy; Pam Dawson ISBN: 9780855326692


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice book in great condition. Pages in excellent condition. No notes or highlighting. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> The ancient craft of quilting is a decorative method ofjoining two or three layers of material together toprovide warm clothing bed covers or wall hangings.The word ‘quilt is believed to be derived from theLatin ‘culcita’ meaning a sack filled with featherswool or hair.Long before it became a highly-prized craftquilting was used for warm sturdy garments andhousehold furnishings but like most old crafts itsearly beginnings cannot be traced. It was knownthroughout the civilized world in ancient times fromChina and India to Persia North Africa and Europe.In some early Egyptian friezes the garments suggest aprimitive form of quilting but this is mere guess-work. As with all needlecrafts few examples havesurvived in reasonable condition but a Sicilian quiltdating from circa 1400AD is housed in the Victoriaand Albert Museum in London.In England and Wales during the Middle Agessoldiers wore a quilted garment with or without acovering of chain mail. This garment could be wornbeneath a suit of armour to stop any chafing and alsoto give added protection against arrows and similarmissiles. The outer layer could be of linen canvas oreven leather. During the Tudor dynasty quiltedgarments became very fashionable and petticoats anddoublets formed an essential part of feminine andmasculine attire.

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Search Pr Ltd 1991

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Emms Amy; Pam Dawson


Used – Very Good


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