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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice book in great condition. Pages in excellent unused condition. No notes or highlighting. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> BETWEEN 1981-1986 I was teaching pottery at the thenCumbria College of Art now Cumbria College of Art andTechnology part of Lancaster University. One of the thingsthat caught my attention was the lack of good images ofother potter’s work. On asking students to research say four or fivedifferent potters I was constantly surprised at the paucity of material.It is certainly better now with access to the internet and the manybooks that are available but even these are for the most part ‘How toDo It books with the odd photograph here and there. A fewmonographs exist but to qualify it seems that one must be either avangarde ancient or dead! Wouldn’t it be a ‘good idea? I thought if someforward looking publisher produced a series of inexpensive books forpottery students which could be collected for study and inspiration. Adozen well-produced photographs a CV an introduction and an essayby the potter themselves. Inexpensive and updatable every ten years; agreat reference library for any student with Ceramic Review and Craftsas useful backup rather than being the sole source of imagery and info.Ten years on from suggesting this to a well-known pottery bookpublisher it seems that no one is pursuing the idea. It may be thatsince that time there has been a considerable increase in the numberpottery books providing numerous good quality photographs. Thatand the emergent digital technology has made the original idea almostobsolete. But the seed had been sown and after several requests forearly articles this book began to take shape in my mind. Since thenthe book has taken on a life of its own it has expanded to includecameo appearances of all my six professional potteries my firstamateur one and a kiln built back in the early eighties in the centraljungles of Peru. Not quite an autobiography more a fat CV with interstitial commentary!

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Canterton Books Hampshire 2004

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Used – Very Good


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