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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice older book in great condition. Pages in excellent condition. No notes or highlighting. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> Stonehenge The Great Pyramid of Giza Machu Picchu and the awesome monoliths of Easter Island are only a few of the stonework sites that are the focus of this provocative survey of ancient cultures. Explorer of the Year in 1976 Dr. David Zink takes the reader on an extraordinary journey to megalithic sites throughout the world chosen for their special geographic astronomical and engineering features. In The Ancient Stones Speak the remarkable sophistication of the ancients’ knowledge of the universe comes to light: ? evidence that navigators were capable of trans-Atlantic voyages as early as 10000 B.C. ? solid clues that ancient astronomers created calendars more accurate than ours predicted lunar eclipses and were more aware of astronomical secrets known to us only after the invention of the telescope ? sound data for engineering skills to cut move and raise stones of 200 tons to construct earthquake-proof buildings on sites marked by intense seismic activity

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Used – Very Good


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