Aspects of Consciousness by Underwood Geoffrey ISBN: 9780127088013


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Book in excellent unread/unused condition. See images. Fantastic book.

About the book >.>.> An adequate description of the human mindremains as one of the most important and per-plexing problems for those working in the lifesciences. But even if the inter-relations betweenmind and brain were well understood the questionof consciousness as a state of mind remains as aseparate issue for physiology psychology andphilosophy. The two editors of this book are bothpsychologists one with leanings towards thecognitive approach the other following thephysiological approach. This has resulted in awell-balanced book with diverse opinions repres-ented as how best to describe consciousness. Italso helps to indicate the common ground held bycognitive and physiological explanations in avariety of closely associated areas of research.This volume of Aspects of Consciousness bringstogether a variety of discussions on mental pro-cesses. They range across a broad spectrum oftopics which are of current interest in psychology.Chapters on traditional subjects such as memoryand thinking discussions on relationships betweensensory deprivation and consciousness hypnosiswhich can be considered an altered state of con-sciousness and time perception. Theoreticallyinteresting aspects of consciousness are alsocovered in chapters on the development of con-sciousness and absent-minded behaviour.Although most of the contributors view psycho-logy from the contemporary cognitive approachthere are aspects of their personal psychologicalexperience which do not fall readily into thecognitive mould. Thus the present discussionsargue in favour of an investigation of the personalexperience of awareness but they recommend thatit is necessary to take objective measures and thencorrelate these with the personal experienceof awareness. This work will benefit postgraduatesresearch workers and teachers of psychology andeducation. The wide breadth of coverage given tomental events will also attract workers in medicinesociologists and neuroscientists.

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