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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. A used book that has been read but is still in great condition. Some pages have some underlining/notes in pencil but not extensive.

About the book.>.>.> “Just as the title says this book is an essential ‘must have’ for any student healthcare professional or even those who are qualified and want to refresh their calculation skills. It is very easy to read being clearly laid out and aided with illustrations and photographs throughout. There is also a variety of worked examples and practice questions which I feel makes this book stand out from the crowd as you can assess yourself as you go along to check that you are on the right track. As a child branch nursing student I particularly loved how this book covers specific scenarios in paediatrics from the use of graphs when plotting growth charts to infant fluids including all types of infant feeds (bolus continuous or intravenous). There are also worked examples and practice questions for more specialist areas such as high dependency neonates and paediatric intensive care unit. ” Cheryl McCullough Student Nurse Queens University Belfast UK “This book has been an enormous help throughout revision time. It is a simple guide to learning a variety of calculations such as division multiplications ratios and percentages; all of which are in constant use in healthcare settings. The book is well crafted composing of easy to understand terms and techniques to carry out calculations. It uses scenarios which cater specifically for nurses and other healthcare professions by using common drugs and dosages. It also offers tips on medication safety and attempts to integrate practice with theory by including Nursing and Midwifery codes and NHS guidelines.” Erin Tierney Nursing Student Swansea University UK “This book is suitable for those preparing for entry to healthcare programmes as well as those undertaking pre-registration programmes post-registration courses and those just needing to make a ‘quick check’ whilst in practice. Clear step-by-step explanations are given to each of the exercises demonstrating a variety of strategies to arrive at the same answer. Each chapter gives clear examples as to when the calculation would be used which helps the reader to link theory and practice.” Nicci Whiteing Lecturer in Adult Nursing School of Community & Health Sciences City University London UK “Designed for use by students of all branches of nursing and midwifery this book covers the calculations they need to know with remarkable clarity. Written to engage with students’ learning in both theory and practice it is ideal for all those entering the nursing or midwifery register.” Philip Scullion Department of Nursing Midwifery and Health Care Coventry University UK “There are easy to understand worked examples in each section along with practice exercises. All of the practice questions have been put in the context of real life situation which makes them easier to understand. I would recommend this book to anyone undertaking a pre registration nursing or midwifery course I found it extremely useful in helping me to prepare for my recent drug calculations exam.” Nina Griffiths Nursing Student Swansea University UK Worried about your calculation skills? Looking for some help to make sure you are up to scratch? As a healthcare practitioner you need to be confident that you can deal competently with any numerical situation you may come across. This handy book provides a guide to common numerical calculations found in healthcare practice and uses everyday examples to enable you to apply numerical principles correctly in your own practice. This user-friendly book is: Suitable for a wide variety of healthcare practitioners including all nurses and midwives Full of authentic worked examples Features core clinical charts prescription models labels and diagrams Types of calculation covered include: Decimals Fractions Percentages and ratios Ratios and proportion The book shows you how to calculate doses correctly for tablets capsules fluids and injections. Meriel Hutton encourages you to find a method which suits you personally with the emphasis always on patient safety. The increasing complexity of problems throughout the book builds as you progress helping you calculate with confidence!

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Open University Press 2008

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