The Sleep Nanny System: A Parent’s Guide To Creating Sleep Solutions Tailored To YOUR Family ISBN: 9781910667798


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Immediate dispatch from Somerset. Nice book in great condition. Pages in excellent condition. No notes or highlighting. Fantastic book.

About the book.>.>.> Weary of sleep solutions? Abandoned all hope of there being a solution for you and your child? The Sleep Nanny System will support you in finding an approach you can adapt according to your child and family dynamics. Based on a gentle method with understanding your child at its core this knowledge will help you form a Unique Sleep Plan.Lucy Shrimpton certified sleep consultant and mother of two brings to light the various causes of sleep problems from the perspective of different child temperaments and personalities. Lucy equips you with insights and recommendations for you to tailor a sleep plan that meets your childs unique need through:Highlighting the science behind sleep providing an in-depth understanding of your childs sleepUse of the Pyramid of Parental Help to help establish an effective training approachUnderstanding sleep crutches and dummies and how these affect your childs sleeping patterns including advice on how to ditch the dummy!Providing deeper insight on early risers and contributing factorsShedding light on the importance of naps and adapting these depending on how your childs night-time sleep is affectedRe-establishing the importance of a routine and consistency and how to maintain this without upsetting your child.

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Shrimpton Lucy


Used – Very Good


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